Sincerity as Gold and Mind as Sea
Closer to the target market, on the basis of the existing industry, carefully organized operation, Improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises to achieve new development of enterprises.
Message from Chairman of the Board

Since May 4th, 1992 when Goldsea Group was initiated more than 30 years has elapsed. Goldsea Group has made a great progress thanks to great efforts made by employees in the course of development.

Honestly, our expansion is beneficiary of nation’s reform and opening-up policies, of endeavor of Goldsea Group as a whole, and of concerns and support of friends from all walks of life.

In the course of our development, we once met setbacks and obstructions, but all this forged a sound comprehensive enterprise with diversified sectors.

Having entered a period of rapid development, we are committed to meticulously organize our business operation centered on our set market goal and current industrial base so as to enhance corporate competitive edge and achieve much bigger and higher goals.

In the long-sighted future, we need to make our enterprise bigger and stronger, but we attach more attention to Goldsea Group of stability in development, of responsibility for employees, shareholders and society, and of making much contribution to society.

Sincerity as gold and mind as sea is both a criterion of Goldsea Group to its employees, friends and society, and our corporate culture accumulation of more than 20 years development. I believe that owing to everyone’s effort, Goldsea Group will definitely forge ahead steadily and soundly.

May colleagues who concern Goldsea Group endeavor with us to promote our cause forward so as to make much more contribution to national and social development and to achieve our great ambition!

I am firmly convinced that Goldsea Group will have a much brighter future!


Li JianJun

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Shandong Goldsea Group Co., Ltd.