Goldsea Venture Mansion

Address:山东省烟台市莱山区迎春大街131号 Check the Map

Located at 131 Yingchun Boulevard, Laishan, the Goldsea Venture Mansion is invested by Yanai Goldsea Investment Co., Ltd. It is a large business writing building with a floor area of 33 thousand m2 composed of three sections. At the crossroad of Yingchun Boulevard and Yinhai Road, the mansion is in the core area where the Yantai Municipal Party Committee and the Yantai Municipal Government administer, adjacent to the Construction Bank, SPD Bank, Minsheng Bank with 500 meters’ reach of Bank of China, Rural Commercial Bank and Agricultural Bank of China. Jusco Shopping Mall is opposite to the street.

 The mansion is equipped with advanced and complete facilities and managed by Yantai Goldsea Logistic Management Co., Ltd.  It will offer you secure, comfortable and convenient services for your business.

Superior geographical location Advanced supporting facilities Best service Large commercial office building
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