Weihai Goldsea International Yacht Club

Address:山东省威海市孙家疃镇环海路170-1号 Check the Map

Located at the Beihai Tourist and Holiday Zone of Weihai Huaicui district of Shandong, this club is developed by Goldsea Joy high-end real estate project. Superior in position and unique in natural environment, it is adjacent to Grape Sea Swimming Beach and the Huanhai Road.

The club has a floor area of 13 thousand m2, and sea water area of 38 thousand m2. The wharf is constructed in accordance with international standards with 72 berths. The wharf can moor 60-80 yachts or ships of 150 feet long. This is the first specialized yacht wharf and club project in Yantai and Weihai regions, integrated with high-end real estate, holiday inn and comprehensive logistics.

The club offers yachts, fishing boats and sailboats for racing, sea sports and business, in addition to licensed pilots and service staff for custardy, piloting, rental and overhaul as well as formalities of examination, ship ownership, certificates and insurance, etc.

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